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February 12, 2016

Lauren Phelps is a health and fitness coach living in Downtown Memphis, Tennessee. She helped us find ways to help you defy cold temps and keep active!



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Outside! Don’t let old man winter tell you where to exercise .

  • Warm up indoors before heading outside can ease the brunt of the cold.
  • Dress in layers.
  • Fewer bugs is a benefit of colder weather!



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Listen! Switching up what you usually listen to while exercising can set a fresh tone to a workout.

  • Leave your earbuds behind and enjoy nature’s serene ambiance or the bustle of the city streets.
  • Lauren presses play on music or podcasts when she needs a soundtrack for her workouts. Spotify’s running playlist matches music tempo with her running pace. She also enjoys making her workouts a motivational moment with podcasts by The Daily Boost, Chalene Johnson and Zig Ziglar.


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Friends! Arranging workouts with others can help make you more accountable on days you’d likely snuggle up on the couch.

  • Grab a thermos of your favorite warm drink and join a friend for a walk along the river.
  • Sports and group activities can keep workouts fun! Try playing basketball on the court in Chickasaw Heritage Park or soccer on the RiverFit field in Tom Lee Park.
  • Daylight can be scarce during colder seasons, so remember “Safety in numbers!”
  • Even if you can’t bring yourself to workout, spending time with others can be a great mood booster on dreary days.


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Goals! Break down major goals into smaller  more tangible pieces. The satisfaction of accomplishing these smaller goals can keep you motivated towards a major one!

  • Set a time to beat for a run along Greenbelt Park (approximately 1.5 miles).
  • Tips from Lauren on how to simply be more active than the day before.
  • Instead of attacking the bluff along Riverside Drive opt for an easier slope like the roof of Beale Street Landing.


Bridge Walk

Memphis & Arkansas Bridge at Crump Park  

Exploring! Similarly to new sounds to listen to, being in a different place can rejuvenate a tired workout routine.

  • The Memphis Riverfront is 5 miles long. Use this interactive map to help you find somewhere you haven’t been!
  • Lauren’s quick 10 minute workout can be done just about anywhere outside or inside.
  • From the rise and fall of the Mississippi River to leaves turning colors with the seasons the Memphis Riverfront’s view is contantly changing.

Thanks again to Lauren for helping us with this post! Be sure you visit and learn more about ways to keep active.

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