Martyrs Park

Martyrs Park is the recipient of the newest portion of the Riverwalk along with new lighting, benches, drinking fountains and landscaping consistent with those along the portion of the Riverwalk high atop the bluff.

The park centerpiece is a work of art, dedicated to those who did not flee from the yellow fever epidemic in 1878 to help those infected. The Memphis population decreased with deaths and a mass exodus of citizens. Almost 80 percent of 19,000 who remained caught the fever, and one-quarter perished.


March 16 – October 31, 6 am to 8 pm
November 1 – March 15, 6 am to 6 pm


Exit I-40 on to Riverside Drive via exit number 1. Southbound, curve around to the left on Riverside Drive, exit right onto Channel 3 Drive, pass Founder’s Pointe and turn right at the next drive.