Beale Street Landing

251 Riverside Drive,
Memphis, TN 38103

Take Me to the River

Beale Street Landing is where Memphis meets the river, placing the untamed beauty of The Mississippi within arm’s reach. Memphis owes its founding to the river as a thoroughfare for trade and commerce, but it hasn’t always been easy for the public to take advantage of this exceptional resource. Beale Street Landing is home to some of Memphis’ finest recreation. Amenities are included for biking, walking, eating, drinking, exercising, playing, picnicking, daydreaming, and many other activities. With the opening of Beale Street Landing, a grand civic space is established for generations of Memphians and visitors to enjoy Memphis’ majestic waterfront.

The sloping grass roof that connects Beale Street Landing to Tom Lee Park is more than just a great place to stroll and relax. This truly ‘green’ amenity is superbly energy efficient. It naturally aids in cooling the facility and reduces rainfall runoff. The gentle arch has become a favorite for exercise enthusiasts. Like all parts of Beale Street Landing, the grass roof is ADA compliant. Access is achieved via elevator from the first floor, which emerges through the grass roof. The bulkhead of the elevator is designed with colorful metal panels which are an abstracted image of a sunset on the Mississippi.

The six-acre site also includes an islet landscaped with indigenous trees and tall grasses—perfect for quiet contemplation. Beale Street Landing is a celebration of the river—your river. A river that gave this city its purpose. A river that will continue to inspire and connect the people of Memphis for generations to come.

The Dock at Beale Street Landing is where Mississippi riverboat adventures begin. The spot where Beale Street meets the river has been an important landing site for riverboats for more than 250 years. Today, Beale Street Landing provides a modern docking facility for luxury vessels as well as local excursion boats. 6,450 square feet of gorgeous Ipê, an environmentally-friendly Brazilian wood, accent the one-of-a-kind 410-foot floating dock and red helical access ramp. Climb aboard here.

The Front Porch at Beale Street Landing is the perfect place to grab a snack or have meal while you are at the park and an excellent choice for kicking off a night of downtown adventure. This full-service bar and restaurant is open Tuesday though Sunday from 11a.m. to Sundown.  Its 6,000 square-feet glass enclosed dining area is ideal for watching the river roll by. The sloping grass roof naturally cools the breezeway below making this an ideal summertime choice. Don’t miss the souvenir shop attached to the restaurant for great gift ideas. Click here for more information.

Island Play at Beale Street Landing, is a truly unique play area for kids on the river. A misting park, is a big hit for families looking to cool off in warmer weather. Rolling hills, dancing water fountains, a stone slide, and a giant catfish sculpture will have your kids saying, “Take Me to the River!” Open daily from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. Island Play’s water features are functional from April thru October.

Booking your event at Beale Street Landing is an excellent idea for weddings, corporate events, reunions, or other festivities requiring a unique location. The undulating tides of the Mississippi provide an unforgettable backdrop. Our facilities are equipped with a catering room, a full bar, and restrooms. The nearly 10,000 square foot facility can be rented in whole or in part to suit your needs. If you’re interested in booking Beale Street Landing click here.

Parking at Beale Street Landing is easy. 55 parking spots located adjacent to the facility can be used for a fee. More parking is available for free at Tom Lee Park, a short walk from Beale Street Landing. New bike lanes lining Riverside Drive and pedestrian walkways from downtown also provide access to the landing. Entry for parking at Tom Lee Park closes at 9 p.m.

The river connects Memphis to the world and Beale Street Landing connects Memphis to the river. Experience the wonder of the Mississippi River at Beale Street Landing.