About the Riverfront Development Corporation

The RDC is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit created in 2000 as a public/private partnership with the city of Memphis to maintain and improve the more than five miles of riverfront parks, including Ashburn-Coppock Park, Butler Park, Greenbelt Park, Martyrs Park, Mississippi River Park, and Tom Lee Park.

It is led by President and CEO Carol Coletta, a Senior Fellow at the Kresge Foundation, and a Board of Directors selected from top business leaders in the Mid-South. During the 18 years of its stewardship of the parks, the RDC has been responsible for projects such as Beale Street Landing, the RiverWalk, and the RiverFit exercise stations in Tom Lee Park.

The main RDC offices are located at 22 N. Front St., Suite 960, in Memphis, Tenn. and can be reached at (901) 312-9190.