Fall Picnic warmer bkgd cooler

November 18, 2015

lifebuzz-600dce379669a9576385caa0913e35a8-limit_2000photo credit: http://ow.ly/UOz4S 

1. Keep your comforter or quilt dry by placing a lawn bag or tarp underneath.


photo credit: http://ow.ly/UOyZs 

2. Make sure to bring your favorite snacks or even pack a full meal!

  • Home baked goodies are a crowd pleaser.
  • Throw the ingredients from your favorite soup or casserole recipe into the crock pot and let it cook throughout the day. Dinner made easy – just unplug it and bring it to the park!
  • Get something to go from one of your favorite downtown spots: Pantry 387, Riverfront Bar & Grill, and Front Street Deli have great picnic munchies!


photo source: http://ow.ly/UOzJt 

3. Grab your favorite mug and a thermos filled with a toasty beverage.


photo source: http://ow.ly/UOyPi 

4. Bring a few things to do.

  • From personal hotspots on your phone to portable speakers, today’s technology expands outdoor fun possibilities.
  • Keep it old school and bring a football, some homework or maybe a good book.


photo source: http://ow.ly/UOAzd 

5. Enjoy the great outdoors!

  • Whether you’re picnicking along our 5 miles of riverfront space or in your own backyard, take time to explore nature.
  • Leave the space as great as before you came! Pick up your trash and dispose of it appropriately.


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